campaign cat

OMG! I am soooooooo happy right now! Check out Karl and Carine's hot homage to me!!! I was actually supposed to be in this new season campaign, but was stuck due to the volcanic ash cloud - so he had to use Freja instead. She does a good job though, no? Love you Karl! xoxo


Geeeeeeevanchy cat

And here's another random blog post from yours truly!

Guess what hoes? I have my face immortalised on some Givenchycat couture! look at my sexual fierce head on this couture jumper! Grazie Riccardo! meow.


A day in the life of me!!!!!!

Some creep whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

Hey bitches!!!!! It's been a while since your last Zumi fix, so I thought I’d give you the scoop on what I gets up to on a regular day.

I’ll start from today - Sunday. You may think that today sounds a little boring because I am practically working in my new Givenchy panther jumper all day (the benefits of working from home) and haven’t had an overly excitable day. But for me it is still FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! I love working on Fashion Loaf in any shape or form and no matter what I seem to be doing, if it is related in any way to the fashion industry I seem to get my kickz out of it.

So…this morning I woke up and minced around the lounge, kitchen and backyard. After reading the gossip pages over breakfast - this is my favourite part about Sunday mornings - I do my teeth (I know you want this much detail) and head upstairs to work from my bedroom on my trusty wee laptop. From time to time I check my email - totally vital to do this on a regular basis otherwise I get lost in the maze of too many emails to remember. I mean, hellooo! It's so hard to remember. I respond to the important ones and then delete the ones from boring people that I can't be bothered replying to.

As you can see, I am like, totally busy with such an interesting life, but when I find some time in my busy schedule you will find me writing articles and doing design layouts. I haven't written any articles this week as off yet, but I have done a lot of design layouts. I rip off find inspiration from old magazines that I have saved up in my closet from back in the day. I worked for ages this morning - from 10 to 12 straight - on designing and layouts, then had a cup of trim milk. And now that it is 3.30pm I am blogging! Exciting!!!! Afternoon tea time sooooooon!!!!

Then tonight at 7pm I am going to do a poo. Yipeeee! Have a choice day!!!


Summer love

My love life's been a bit tumultuous this year. It's hard when a sensual cat like me is raking up the flybys points traveling all over the world for various shoots and events. But for summer, I've met a tomcat called Pepe. Pepe works as a Dj and has his own line of T-shirts and models part-time. We've been going out for a week and already I'm getting bored. Tomcats just can't hold me down. Anways, here's a song I stole from Rihanna  I wrote for Pepe.

Hey Pepe I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a cat like me

Hey Pepe, I really wanna be with you

cause your just my type

ooh na na na na

I need a tomcat to take it over
looking for a pussycat to put you over, uh

oooooh, oooooh.


creep cat

My gurrl Lina being stalked by some creep last night, here's what she pxted today.

United Bamboo

Just got some images back from the United Bamboo campaign I shot after my Bali sojourn. I felt like the oldest cat in the room with all these young new cat models. Now I know how Naomi feels. I totes looked down on everyone.

Here I am looking a bit bloated (this was straight after my trip to Bali where all I did was eat, sleep and drink and eat) but I managed to work this sexual gown to the hilt. The photographer asked me to do anything that came natural to me, so I did most of the shoot lying down. Here are some pics of the other models:

My gurrl Dina from Melbourne werrking this sequin number over time.
Some mole from Slovakia looking tragic.
Katisa Strauss giving a fierce look, very editorial.

Luca, looking DAYUM FYNE. DAYYYYUMMM!!!!!!!!

Some nasty hoe from EliteCats, forgot her name.

AjakCat with her new frosted paw tips, cutie!


"I'm a chameleon, I got many styles of rhymes

Like a bottle of fine wine I just get better with time

From "Hardcore" to "Notorious" you studied my flow

And still.."

Hey sluts. Just got back from an early morning blow dry at Lucy and La Chowder rooms. Taking some time out for Summer, finally putting paw to paper and writing the beginnning's of my memoirs. Stay tuned... meow. x


Fashion food for thought

Guys, I've had many sleepless nights recently thinking about fashion and how it relates to my life on an intellectual, spiritual and emotional level. What's it all about? Fashion. That is what we are all chasing isn't it?
But then again maybe not all of us are. For those of us who have "lived life well", there comes a point in our lives where we are not just chasing trends.
We have a fairly full wardrobe, and we know what we like and what suits us. And as trends change each year, we find that for some seasons, there is simply nothing we like - or nothing that suits us. I mean, hello! Not everyone looks fabulous in a maxi dress or a mini skirt. Or cut off denim shorts (you know - the really short ones that only really look good on a really really 16 year old).
Maybe there comes a point where it is not about looking fashionable - but actually just looking really good and dressing really well.
It's food for thought.


The ocean is a creative place

Some cool models modelling Stolen Kittens Club jewellery at the event.

I thought you might be interested to read my thoughts on the Stolen Kittens Club jewellery event last week. I rolled down on my hip bike from the First Thursdays event not really knowing what to expect. With a seemingly endless supply of beers and Kim Crawford wine being consumed out of jam jars, the venue filled quickly with models, surly fashionistas and the cool guys from Stolen Kittens Club. The party was stoked by strains of the new Kat-nye West album, and The Naked and Famous Cats' 'Old Blood', New Zealand’s latest anthem to youth, and a tune fitting for the angle presented in SKC's new jewellery line.

I met one of the guys from Stolen Kittens Club, and he was, like, SOOOOOOOOOOOO cool! I am also led to believe SKC are surfers originally from Raglan and the Coromandel. Having been a local resident of both places throughout the years, my respect for these boys jumped markedly upon knowing this fact. The ocean is a creative place, its influence quietly reflected in the rise of SKC as a serious fashion contender. Fashion is art, but it is mostly a business. A lived knowledge of both is required to take fashion to the top of its own game. FASHION. ART. LOVE.


News about a plastic bag

I'm a sucker for a perfectly-wrapped purchase folded up in tissue paper and delivered in a well-designed parcel, but how about a plastic bag that you can use time and time again - it's the gift that keeps giving! White Square boutique is getting in on the reusable packaging game with their new plastic bags, encouraging customers to use them in every situation - clothes, shopping, groceries, picking up dog poo. I reckon they'll make good beach bags too. OMG sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in. Get in there quick, no doubt they'll be flying out the door!


N'sync day

I just wanted to post this because Justin is cupping JC's head and having a glorious time. 


A letter to Zumi

Dear Zumi

I just wanted to complain about your blog. You are such a vacuous little cat and i hope you go to hell.

From Annoymous

Dear Annoynmous (what kinda dumb name is that anyways?)

I just wanted to reply and say that I do not like to vacuum cats, so you can go lick my tits.

Love Zumi.


Only cat in the world

Oh you make me feel, like i'm the only cat in the world, like i'm the only one that you'll ever love, like i'm the only fuckin' cat in the worrrldd, onnnnly cat in the worrrrld.