Fashion food for thought

Guys, I've had many sleepless nights recently thinking about fashion and how it relates to my life on an intellectual, spiritual and emotional level. What's it all about? Fashion. That is what we are all chasing isn't it?
But then again maybe not all of us are. For those of us who have "lived life well", there comes a point in our lives where we are not just chasing trends.
We have a fairly full wardrobe, and we know what we like and what suits us. And as trends change each year, we find that for some seasons, there is simply nothing we like - or nothing that suits us. I mean, hello! Not everyone looks fabulous in a maxi dress or a mini skirt. Or cut off denim shorts (you know - the really short ones that only really look good on a really really 16 year old).
Maybe there comes a point where it is not about looking fashionable - but actually just looking really good and dressing really well.
It's food for thought.

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