Girl power

Sad face! My girlfriend Sally got her ass dumped last night. Whenever one of my girlfriends is feeling emo over a douchebag, I like to give her a piece of cake that's bigger than her head and put on 'Girl' by Destiny's Child. Beyonce is totally the voice of my generation.

Girl, I can tell you've been crying / And you needing somebody to talk to / Girl, I can tell he's been lying / And pretending that he's faithful and he loves you / Girl, you don't have to be hiding / Don't you be ashamed to say he hurt you / I'm your girl, you're my girl, we your girls / Don't you know that we love ya!

Me dry humping cheese

I LOVE CHEESE. As you can see, here I am being a total cheese whore after I bought this massive block of Swiss cheese. I'm thinking of inviting my girl friends over for a cat fondue party, where we can paint eachothers claws and bitch and moan about Tom Cats. We'd also share our appreciation of cheese, much like our idol Sarah Silverman. We relate.

Work it out

So I went to this great yoga class in Ponsonby tonight (same one as my girl Katren Walker) to help try and relieve some of the stress in my life right now. Here I am mid-class - I can't believe my friend Joan took this photo! But what do you think of my new workout gear, by Stella McCatney for ADICATS. Hotness!!!!!!

Goodbye Kitty

I hate bitchy cats with insecurity issues. Cats like my mortal enemy, Hello Kitty. She's the meanest cat you'll ever meet! We used to hang out when we were kittens, before she became all famous and she got a massive head. She didn't even invite me to her M.A.C collection launch party, and I was the one who told her to start wearing that stupid bow! Like, WTF?!!!! She's a total diva cliche now, like Beyonce, Whitney, Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu rolled up into one crazy ass bitch.

I let the dogs out


I've always had a bit of a thing with dogs. Their amiable and friendly friendliness is up there on my list of favourite fashion references, next to burgers, the homeless and the Kardashian sisters (they're all kind of related aren't they?). I totally don't know what it is about dogs, whether it's the romanticism of their loyalty, the wagging tail, teeth and the shaggy coats. Maybe it's their simplicity of life? Whatever it is, I find myself constantly going back.

Hang in There, Baby!

Oh my gawd what an amaaaaaaaaaazingly horrible day!!! It's days like these that I like to look to my late great-Grandma Ginger for guidance. That's her in the iconic Hang in There, Baby! posters from back in the day. Being an icon is totally in my genes. Miss you Nann!! Meow meow xx


Happy Easter!

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Easter. It's been only a few weeks, and the response to my blog has been amazing, thank you for your love and support! here are a few of my favourite things for Easter!
1. Hot Cross Buns (yum!)
2. Beautiful Easter eggs (yum!)
3. Michael Whittaker. Wearing bunny ears. (yum!)
4. Rachel Glucina's boo-tay, DAMN girrl.

Love Zumi. x

Sweater by Vintage

I went shopping today at a vintage shop. I love shopping and mixing things up as you might already know. I've decided to keep it simple here with this chic vintage Sonia Rykiel mohair vest. I've also painted my claws this shimmering turquoise nail polish from MAC. The thing with vintage is that you need to mix it up a bit, so as not to end up looking like the vintage shop had a mouth and totally ate you up and shat you out with a bowl haircut, pigeon toes and a pair of fuckin ugly brogues.

Family woes

So you know how I was practicing my look of disgust yesterday? well that look usually comes in handy when your two inbred cousins (Dianne and Miranda) decide to drag you out to the 'discoteque' (aka Pasha bar) for wild night out with some random German backpacker. The only thing that made this night bearable was the fact they played Finally by Cece Peniston. I love mincing to this song when I'm going to the dairy to buy some fresh milk.

The tragic picture of Dianne and Miranda is best viewed whilst playing the Finally Video.  All I have to say is, what the fuck is Cece doing at 2:55?

Can I take your photo?

*EYE ROLL* Don't you just hate when you go to a fashion party and you have like, 7 people ask if they can take your photo for the social pages? I know I'm somewhat of a celebrity around town now but can't they just leave me to party with my fashion designer and model friends in peace? I always say yes though. I mean, it would be rude to turn a photographer down! It's good for the Zumi brand too. Here are some of my recent social page appearances, from the NZ Cat Fashion Festival launch, Tiger Translate and Auckland Cat Week. I like to rip them out and keep them all on a pinboard in my kitchen.

Beauty queen

I don't need to use much makeup as I'm naturally flawless, but every now and then I like to add something new to my beauty look. I only ever use M.A.C though because it's the best, and Lady Gaga is a fan too(M.A.C girls, if you want to sponsor me my email is fashionloaf@gmail.com!). Here I am about to head out to a fabulous fashion party, wearing my new M.A.C Penultimate liquid eye liner and M.A.C Viva Glam Lady Gaga lipstick - you can't see the lipstick, but it goes great with my eyes.

Kiss me quick

I met the tomcat of my dreams today; sooooooooo in love right now!

I Love You Blion Boy!

Oh cute! fellow fashion blogger Blion Boy sent me a pic of her at Africa Cat Fashion Week! She's looking super ferocious here, and her hair is looking sensual! She's totally smeyesing right now!

Family values

I just found this old Reely family photo, taken when I was about 5-years-old. That's me, in the middle looking uber-cute. As you can see, being drop dead gorgeous runs in the family.

Catwalk cats

Kat Sylvester at NZCFW 2009

OMFG guys, New Zealand Cat Fashion Week is still going ahead, despite the rumours! I had a trim soy flat white at Dizz with the organisers today and they told me that this year is going to be the best yet. Excitement! I've decided to give up the catwalk this year (sorry designers!); instead I'm totally going to ligger it up and blag my way into all the hottest shows. Love you Ricardo, save me a seat in Row A!!! Norrie is totally going to be begging to take my photo for SpyCat.


A couple of things have been heavy on my mind today.

1. Robert Rakete was way cuter on RTR Countdown, what happened?
2. If the Kardashian sisters were kebabs, what flavour kebabs would they be?

Food for thought. Pun intended.

I LIKE YOU! ... NOT!!!

In Vogue!!!

In other news, the lovely folks over at Vogue Russia recently interviewed me for their feature on bloggers!!

If you're a big Vogue Russia fan like I am, be sure to buy a copy now! Thank you soooooo much Vogue Russia and Mama Aliona for the lovely mention. Meow meow! xx

Summer Bay hair and the one sunship!

"It's the Mis-teeq ladies, better come correct!"

There was a time I wanted the two tone Pip Edwards look, pretty much the same time I was obsessed with watching the Home & Away ominbus...but now I'm realising, I'm a classy cat.

It's been 3 days since I had my re-growth done and now I'm loving my sleek and sensual dove grey fur. What was I thinking wanting to look like some wayward Pussycat Doll lost in Bondi? tsk tsk. Anyways, just for shits and giggles, I'm wearing my fave ginge wig today, trying to chanel those classy ladies from Mis-teeq. However, my ponytails unfortunately aren't as lustrious . Sad face.



It's not that I don't like you I'm just tired of Par-tay

OMG. Check out this pic of me from New Year's at The Mount. I don't even remember his name. I'm a total whore. At least he was kind enough to give me his sweater by Lower to keep me warm.


Staring at the block of sunshine with a special intensity

I'm really picky about round shades but these are perfect and feel vaguely spring-appropriate..you know, unlike my nana's curtains here (who I was visting today F.Y.I) ...anyway, they were a gift via my trip to New York Fashion Week along with my favourite tortoise shell pair.

Painted my claws this questionable shade of poo shit brown over lunch. Which made my sandwich taste like nail polish  (not poo). I feel like I accidentally ate some off of my index claw and have been slightly depressed about it ever since.

I'm also practicing my look of disgust, So i'm pretending to be Anna Wintour at Lindsay Lohan's debut for Ungaro (Spring 2010) in this shot.

Just shoot me

My sister Chloe and I were just playing around with my new Lomo Holga K205 Cat Face Camera, which plays cat sounds when you click. Doesn't she look tres-adorable?

Minimalise me!

The buzz word for Fall 2010/2011?? apparently it's minimalisim. I prefer to term it 'Keep It Simple Stupid' (K.I.S.S) or 'Don't Try So Hard You Fake Ass Bitch' (D.T.S.H.Y.F.A.B)

I just adore Cat-rine Roitfield's chic Parisian apartment. The Paris Vogue Cat Editor-In-Chief keeps it's simple and timeless in her classy abode. For a cat like me, this is perefecto for those lazy weekends off where I like to run around hunting mice whilst putting on Santogold , M.I.A, Lykke Li or MGMT on my minimlaist i-pod friendly entertainment system. Tres chic.


United Bamboo

If I wasn't so povo this week, i'd totally splash out on those hot United Bamboo pieces from like ages ago. I'm all about the skirts! swoon.



I'm so excited - the uber-talented Juergen Teller gifted me this incredible photo of Kat Moss last month, and this weekend it finally arrived back from the framers! Now I just need to decide where to hang it in my loft apartment.

Say you do

Styled by Camille Bidault-Waddington for Vogue Cat Paris

My favourite part of this editorial is that it looks like the lonely enjoyment of the fruits of a really good trip to the thrift store: basic white, flimsy bits of fur and an inexplicable print here and there. What we're really looking at: Vivienne Westwood fur bodysuit, Bernhard Wilhelm socks, Miu Miu coat, Emma Cook tortishell print dress and a Martin Margiela dressing gown belt layered over bits of vintage lingerie. And everything I want to wear right now.

Geometry Studies

My dear friend Nicolas Ghesquire is a genius. No other designer holds as much freshness and newness as he. I'm so amazed at what he does with design and textiles. When I sent him a Mondrian inspired art piece that I posed for (bottom pic), he got all excited about exploring shapes and geometry. So much so, it was the catalyst for his stunning Fall 2010/2011 collection. You could say then that I once again, inspired yet another designer.

Magnifique! J'adore Nicolas!! xxx