News about a plastic bag

I'm a sucker for a perfectly-wrapped purchase folded up in tissue paper and delivered in a well-designed parcel, but how about a plastic bag that you can use time and time again - it's the gift that keeps giving! White Square boutique is getting in on the reusable packaging game with their new plastic bags, encouraging customers to use them in every situation - clothes, shopping, groceries, picking up dog poo. I reckon they'll make good beach bags too. OMG sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in. Get in there quick, no doubt they'll be flying out the door!


N'sync day

I just wanted to post this because Justin is cupping JC's head and having a glorious time. 


A letter to Zumi

Dear Zumi

I just wanted to complain about your blog. You are such a vacuous little cat and i hope you go to hell.

From Annoymous

Dear Annoynmous (what kinda dumb name is that anyways?)

I just wanted to reply and say that I do not like to vacuum cats, so you can go lick my tits.

Love Zumi.


Only cat in the world

Oh you make me feel, like i'm the only cat in the world, like i'm the only one that you'll ever love, like i'm the only fuckin' cat in the worrrldd, onnnnly cat in the worrrrld.



Zumi's amaze and no amaze

Hey y'all. I've been neglecting my blog lately only because every other bitch cat out there's started a blog and I'm working on other projects to fulfill my creativity. Anyways, here's a classic haughty bitch pose from yours truly, complete with a black silk Lanvincat collar bought from LuisaViaRomaCat.

...And here's a list of highs and lows from my life of late

1. My black silk Lanvincat collar from LuisaViaRomaCat arrived. I ordered it online, but I wasn't sure when it was going to arrive, I thought it was going to take ages to arrive, because I read online somewhere that it takes ages to arrive, but it didnt!!!!! it finally arrived.
2. I went to the launch of a envelope launch of new envelopes with my friends Trina and Tina where we popped and jived to some old skool hip hop! OMG! HOLLA!

1. The front door at my artfully distressed Grey Lynn Selby worthy loft used to rattle, so we got a strip of rubber stuck in the doorway to keep that baby airtight. Now the weather’s warmer, there’s been some expansion in the rubber and the door is near impossible to close and lock. I’m serious. So difficult. Totes murder on my Lucy and la Chowder room manicured O.P.I claws. I now have to enter and exit the house via the laundry room back door on the other side of the house. Bane of my life. 
2. Trina got the same Bretton stripe T-shirt as me. Bretton Stripes were my thang, and bitch totally tried to steal my style crown. Poo poo.