Ask Zumi Reely

My friend Anonymous (above) wants to know, who runs Issacs Likes? I don't know but god damn I wish whoever it is would stop talking about models all the time! xoxo

Capsule Cat Wardrobe

Net-a-porter's styling of the 3.1 Cats by Phillip Lim collection perfectly highlights the extreme wearability of the pieces. Especially distracted by the double denim, mustard parka, heather grays, and that beautiful blush silk dress I fell in love with in February.

This post is for all the sexy tomcats out there

I love power mincing to this tune on my diamond encrusted i-pod along Ponsonby Road, checking out my sensual reflection in the Karen Walkers windows. meow meow.


florintina y las machines

Sepurrated at the births?

Florentina y machines and me, Zumi Reely... you be the judge.

Five O'Clock Light

A few recent purchases: feathered collar necklace from Forever 21, and a pawful of vintage rings from the Otara flea market. The boots, just out of shot, have snaps that go all the way up but I prefer them floppily folded over. Unfortunately this requires wearing my nerdiest shortest "socks".
I'm in this very specific mood that has me wanting to drive out to the desert...hopefully this weekend.

Blogger slash photographer

I've started taking photos of my sexual friends! I really like arty, close up shots of creatives that express their inner turmoil. xoxo

Cat Days are Starting

Florence and the Coffee Machine

Florence and the Sewing Machine

Florence and the Time Machine

Florence and the Washing Machine

OMG! I, like, love Florence and the Machines. Gingers!! Swoon!! Hearts!!! Love!!! The Dog Days Are Over!!!!


Pussy lips

OMG! I can finally tell you about an uber-exciting new project the Haus of Zumi have been working on with Paulz & Joez for the past few months! They were inspired by me and my face to create these new lipsticks in the shape of my head - so now you can rub Zumi all over your lips! Yay!


speaking of 2 become 1...

US Vogue January 1998... Anna Wintour rules.

2 become 1

I started dating this sexy tomcat called Thomas last week. It's been 5 days, the longest relationship I've ever been in. He's a mixed breed black cat, and an artist. I think I've fallen for him, but I don't want to give myself away too easy. Zumi plays hardball when it comes to long term reationships, and trust me, 5 days is long term for me. My cat heart is an ocean of secrets.


Her lawyer is thinking "Yes you heard right...you fucked up. Don't be crying all over my shit bitch."

Love Zumi. x


Sunlight on a cold winter day

A ray of light shone through my studio apartment today as I prepared for my La Perla Cat shoot later in the afternoon. Here I am sitting on my tatami mat, in a moment of peace and tranquility, before I continue with my hectic fashun life. This is Zumi Reeley. Peace, fashun, musik, love, art.

Monday morning lust-have!

Hey guys, I've decided to start a weekly thing where I write about something I've been given for free, or want PRs or designers to gift me. It's going to be called Lust-Have! Today's Lust-Have? Wawa Diet Iced Tea!!! Delish!!! Beaut!!! Yummy!!! Here I am licking the bottle, and purring.

If you want to send me something to feature in this great new Fashion Loaf segment, the best address would be: Zumi Reely, c/o Dizengoff, 256 Ponsonby Rd. Meow!

How to sell water

Mince Mince, splash, hair, mince mince, splash, splash.

No fashun gowns were harmed in the making of this commercial.

That's all.


Exclusive: new season Stolen Kittens Club

I am so proud to be bringing you this exclusive campaign shot from Stolen Kittens Club's new spring/summer 2011 collection. The collection was inspired by ghosts and shit. I adore the new print, plus new face Bambi and the stark aesthetic of the campaign. It's just so, real, y'know?

me in 3d

3D - it's so hot right now. What with Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, the latest issue of Remixed magazine and about a billion other magazines, I had to jump on the bandwagon and have someone take photos of my sexual self so I could blog about it. Can't remember the photographers name, I was way too wasted. But don't these look, like, totally trippy? So edgy!!!! So hot!!!! I hope y'all still have your 3D glasses!!


Zumi love

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Mama Donatella, I love you! 
So here's another installment of my feline affection for designers at the end of their shows. I've basically trademarked this idea, so no one else can copy it. Sorry! but that's life. meow. 

Anyways, I just found out i get more unique hits per month on my blog than Blion Boy! yaaaaaay!!! thank you to everyone for supporting this sexual cat, I couldn't have done it without you x

Wax on

My girlfriend Tabby took this picture of me today getting a Brazilian wax! ouch! I've just been asked to model in the next catalogue for La Perla Cat lingerie, so had to make sure my sensual dove grey fur was well groomed. Tabby and I then went to pick up a soy latte from Dizengoff and minced our way to the nail bar to get our claws manicured. Can't wait to try on the sexy cat fashun lingerie! sexual!

"It made ma dress create shapes lyke art". bahahaha.

Hay hay... so you guys already know about my fashun campaigns with Houses of Derayons. I'm the first ever cat to feature in the campaigns. Here's a little insight into the magical fashun world of Derayons. Enjoy. meow.

"bermuda waz one of da mozt exotik places I ever travelled tu...Woodn't it be nyce if every shoot waz lyke diz?...In ma mind, i waz controllin' da wind...I waz just me, and it waz only a fantazy"


Lanvin Cat

Spring 2009
Fall 2009
Spring 2010
Fall 2010
OMG! Alber Elbaz is such a cutie poos! So lately I've been obsessed with designers at the end of their shows, so I thought I'd put up another post about it before any other blob bitches steal my idea. Isn't he tres cutie poos? I just want to like, hang out with him and eat cakes all day long. I heard he's making a Lanvin cat collection very soon! Hopefully he'll ask me to model it! meow.

Here are the cakes we will be eating together, forever, while we talk about the latest fashun por Lanvin.

Prada peek a boo

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I've worked on the Cat shows for Prada Cat and also featured in all the Prada Cat campaigns... I just love Mama Miuccia. She always knows how to make me feel special. She even dedicated her cat print from Miu Miu Spring 2010 to meeeee!!! te quiero Miuccia. xx meow


Radcat Hourani Fall 2010

OMG! It's Sasha P at the Radcat Hourani show in Paris recently! I just love the drapey scarf/dress/birka thing! tres chic! I haven't seen anything look so amazing on a cat before, I want!
Do you think if I keep blogging about it, they'll get the hint and just give it to me for free?? Maybe I should start going into shops and start styling things on my sensual self and get photos taken of me so that people will take a hint and give me free stuff! amazing!



Separated at birth?

Here is Rachel Glucina from the Heralds On Sundays.
...and here are some porkchops wearing some chic Tom Ford's. The resemblance is uncanny.

Selling out

People always ask me, "how can you get paid to attend parties? aren't you selling out" and to that I usually reply by scratching their faces with my claws. I'm a brand and I needs to get paid. This is my business, and I'm a successful fashun cat entrepreneur. Unlike these poo poos who are major sell outs:
Derek Blasberg: Fashion writer accused of soliciting nice tweets for nice shoes.
Rihanna: Getting paid to sit front row at a fashuns shows. Here she is werrking the Couture fashun pose 101: Taking a dump with your hands on your hips.

back in the day...

OMG! I came across this picture of me when I was going through my picture museum at home, I was probably about two years old! such a little gangster! Being fashionable and fabulous now means I can dig these pics out and show you guys without being embarrassed. I used to write rhymes too, and I found one scribbled on the back of this photo! here it is:

"Zu-MAY Reely here, and I'm in effect

Want you to push it, catty
Coolin' by day then at night working up a sweat
C'mon cats!, let's go show the tomcats that we know
How to become number one in a hot cat party show
Now push it
Ah, push it - push it good
Ah, push it - push it real good
Ah, push it - push it good
Ah, push it - p-push it real good
Hey! meeeOw!

Push it good!"

Totally just ripped of my home girls Salt & Peppers, but whatevrrrrr hatterrrrs.

Fashun Pop

Here are some amazing fashun from some amazing fashun music sensashuns:
Hear'say: Working the sequins and denim with pointless belt combo. I love.
Liberty X: Funky Fashuns. I especially like the funky body art. Just the right touch of funkyness.
S Club 7: Casual and chic, denim turn up and parachute cargo pants, a pre-cursor to the Postie Plus phenomenons.