Michael Whittakkers

During my Bali sojourn, I had time to think about my obsession with NZ male model Michael Whittakkers. My guru told me "Zumi, it's unhealthy for a cat to be so obsessed with a male model like Michael Whittakers you need to chill out.

So the first thing I did when I got back to my loft apartment, was round up my gurrls and fully dismantle my Michael Whittakkers shrine. However seeing him again at NZFW made my paws quiver. I couldn't help myself. But I need to get over him. Could this be the last time I post anything about Michael Whittakkers? Watch this space.


Not the same Trina's

Hey so the post I put up the other day about my gurl Trina doing the new Barneys campaign with Lindsay Wixson got a lot of people confused. Trina is a friend of mine that used to live with me when we cat modeled together in Paris. She's not to be confused with Trina the rapper. I know the similarites are the same but here are  their pictures. Can you spot the differernce? I can't.

 This is my gurrl Trina.
And this is Trina the rapper.
The resemblance is uncanny I know.
..and this is me licking myself. Can you handle my hotness? I sure can't. HOLLA!


I designed a cat tee shirt

Look, I designed a wicked t-shirt! Naturally, I chose a smiling cat (read up on cats, you'll get my deep intellectual reference, because I'm smart, ok?). Support local artists!! Go Kiwi cats!!! xoxo

Trina for La Barneys

OMG! que cutie! it's my gurl Trina for the new Barney's Catalogue featuring Lindsay Wixson. That's Trina snarling at the camera. What a hottie! Lindsay also looks tres sexual in a laced up Altuzarra dress with all those little bitches in heat around her feet.



Spring 2011 Collection Reviews: From Minimalism to Navajo Sluts

Hay sexuals, so I've been asked again by Cat Wear Daily to review some of the international collections for Spring/ Summer 2011. Here's my first review.

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2011
For those of you who know me, I have special place in my cat heart for Italian tack. I wouldn't be where I am today without mama Donatella, or the Dolce and Gabbana, so it comes as no surprise then that I love Roberto Cavalli's Spring 2011 collection. There's a feline precision in the way he cuts a flared leather pant. It's the Navajo Slut look that just ticks all my boxes. I had an exclusive Skype session last night with Roberto, and he shared some of his inpsirations with me:
Shakira in Wherever, Whenever
 Pussycat Dolls I Hate This Part
Sully from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

ZUMI and the fashun week review.

Hay bitches. It's me, Zumi Reely here. After going to two shows last week at New Zealand Fashion Week, the lovely folks at Cat Wear Daily have asked me to review the week that was.

After slipping back into the country from my one month Bali sojourn and trying to remain incognito, I've already been inundated with people asking me about what my professional opinion was of NZ Fashion Week and how the trends for next season will effect the latest in cat fashun.

Here's are some highlights from the week:

 Someone's Puerto Rican maid was flown over.
Stolen Girlfriends Club models getting ready backstage.
Me getting my tail massaged and claws painted at the MAC VIP Lounge.

It's great to be back home. love Zumi. xx


Hola Chicanos

Hola hola... so i'm here in Bali at the mo just sippin on some vodaka laced milk and feasting on fresh fish everyday, thinking about my life as a fashionable cat and talking to my guru. Here's a pic of my gurl Yolanda mincing it along the beach in her new Celine Poncho from Resort 2011. Bitch is werrrking it overtime here. I'm totally undergoing some transformations here on my sojourn both physically and spiritually...Phase two of Zumi Reeley in effect...

xx meow.