campaign cat

OMG! I am soooooooo happy right now! Check out Karl and Carine's hot homage to me!!! I was actually supposed to be in this new season campaign, but was stuck due to the volcanic ash cloud - so he had to use Freja instead. She does a good job though, no? Love you Karl! xoxo


Geeeeeeevanchy cat

And here's another random blog post from yours truly!

Guess what hoes? I have my face immortalised on some Givenchycat couture! look at my sexual fierce head on this couture jumper! Grazie Riccardo! meow.


A day in the life of me!!!!!!

Some creep whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

Hey bitches!!!!! It's been a while since your last Zumi fix, so I thought I’d give you the scoop on what I gets up to on a regular day.

I’ll start from today - Sunday. You may think that today sounds a little boring because I am practically working in my new Givenchy panther jumper all day (the benefits of working from home) and haven’t had an overly excitable day. But for me it is still FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! I love working on Fashion Loaf in any shape or form and no matter what I seem to be doing, if it is related in any way to the fashion industry I seem to get my kickz out of it.

So…this morning I woke up and minced around the lounge, kitchen and backyard. After reading the gossip pages over breakfast - this is my favourite part about Sunday mornings - I do my teeth (I know you want this much detail) and head upstairs to work from my bedroom on my trusty wee laptop. From time to time I check my email - totally vital to do this on a regular basis otherwise I get lost in the maze of too many emails to remember. I mean, hellooo! It's so hard to remember. I respond to the important ones and then delete the ones from boring people that I can't be bothered replying to.

As you can see, I am like, totally busy with such an interesting life, but when I find some time in my busy schedule you will find me writing articles and doing design layouts. I haven't written any articles this week as off yet, but I have done a lot of design layouts. I rip off find inspiration from old magazines that I have saved up in my closet from back in the day. I worked for ages this morning - from 10 to 12 straight - on designing and layouts, then had a cup of trim milk. And now that it is 3.30pm I am blogging! Exciting!!!! Afternoon tea time sooooooon!!!!

Then tonight at 7pm I am going to do a poo. Yipeeee! Have a choice day!!!