The ocean is a creative place

Some cool models modelling Stolen Kittens Club jewellery at the event.

I thought you might be interested to read my thoughts on the Stolen Kittens Club jewellery event last week. I rolled down on my hip bike from the First Thursdays event not really knowing what to expect. With a seemingly endless supply of beers and Kim Crawford wine being consumed out of jam jars, the venue filled quickly with models, surly fashionistas and the cool guys from Stolen Kittens Club. The party was stoked by strains of the new Kat-nye West album, and The Naked and Famous Cats' 'Old Blood', New Zealand’s latest anthem to youth, and a tune fitting for the angle presented in SKC's new jewellery line.

I met one of the guys from Stolen Kittens Club, and he was, like, SOOOOOOOOOOOO cool! I am also led to believe SKC are surfers originally from Raglan and the Coromandel. Having been a local resident of both places throughout the years, my respect for these boys jumped markedly upon knowing this fact. The ocean is a creative place, its influence quietly reflected in the rise of SKC as a serious fashion contender. Fashion is art, but it is mostly a business. A lived knowledge of both is required to take fashion to the top of its own game. FASHION. ART. LOVE.

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