United Bamboo

Just got some images back from the United Bamboo campaign I shot after my Bali sojourn. I felt like the oldest cat in the room with all these young new cat models. Now I know how Naomi feels. I totes looked down on everyone.

Here I am looking a bit bloated (this was straight after my trip to Bali where all I did was eat, sleep and drink and eat) but I managed to work this sexual gown to the hilt. The photographer asked me to do anything that came natural to me, so I did most of the shoot lying down. Here are some pics of the other models:

My gurrl Dina from Melbourne werrking this sequin number over time.
Some mole from Slovakia looking tragic.
Katisa Strauss giving a fierce look, very editorial.

Luca, looking DAYUM FYNE. DAYYYYUMMM!!!!!!!!

Some nasty hoe from EliteCats, forgot her name.

AjakCat with her new frosted paw tips, cutie!

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