Summer love

My love life's been a bit tumultuous this year. It's hard when a sensual cat like me is raking up the flybys points traveling all over the world for various shoots and events. But for summer, I've met a tomcat called Pepe. Pepe works as a Dj and has his own line of T-shirts and models part-time. We've been going out for a week and already I'm getting bored. Tomcats just can't hold me down. Anways, here's a song I stole from Rihanna  I wrote for Pepe.

Hey Pepe I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a cat like me

Hey Pepe, I really wanna be with you

cause your just my type

ooh na na na na

I need a tomcat to take it over
looking for a pussycat to put you over, uh

oooooh, oooooh.


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