I've had a lot of time to reflect on my success thus far. With a few projects sidelined at the moment due to insufficient funding, I've taken a back seat to re-assess by options for the rest of the year. My reality TV show "Zumi's Gay BFF" was slated by the TV network; and my single "Sweet Dreams of a Single cats Ego" debuted at number #365 on the charts...in Taiwan.

Talking about my ego, it's been a bit hit hard lately, but never the less, you all know I'm a trooper. The modeling/dj-ing/poetry seems to be working out fine thus far...

it got me thinking about some burnt out stars. I'm not going to stoop this low, but here's a few losers who should really just give it up.

La Lindy Lohanita's: "hhhheeeeerrrreeee *burrrrp* commmeee heerrrreee *burp *burp*.... *fart* burp*"
La Mishka Bartonz: "Califorrrnia here we come, Califooorniiiiiaaaaaaaaaaahhhh...oooohhhh!!!! googly eyes!"
La Tara Reidz: "Errrrrr dude...where is my cock tail... err dude, like, totallyyyy mannnn, i'm such a babee *burrrp*"

La Toriana Spellito's: "weeeeeee!!!!!! *oink* *oink* weeee!!!!! thanks daddy!!! weeeeeeeee!!!!!! *oink*"

Give it up bitches, your time is done. Zumi's taking over this par-tay... that's all. Meow. xx

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