A glimmer of light on a cold winters day in my new Topshops

As a size zero cat, I can wear whatever I like.  I probably would have worn most of the new Topshop line at the Department Store in Takapuna because it's fun to look like a downtrodden fairy but I decided against the embellished pieces because I never wear sequins as much as I convince myself I might. The raw hem and asymmetrical patchwork quadrant are magical enough (this is me convincing myself that the peachy crop top layered dress is extraneous to my life..it's only kind of working).

 I slipped down layers of leaves on almost ninety degree slants and got entangled in disturbingly strong spiderwebs to get to this spot...it was completely blocked from the sun and encircled by the greenest life I've seen in Grey Lynn for a while. With the wispy dress and crunchy surroundings I ended up accidentally channeling one of my favorite movie characters, Pixel in Happy Campers ie. Jaime King as a bohemian (in every sense of the word) camp counselor dressed in sheer layers and glittery bits. You probably haven't seen it but you should. I think I caught it on TV once and now it's one of the very select movies I own. Not saying it isn't completely stupid too, because it is.
Talia: Here's where we tell you that this was the summer we lost our innocence.
Donald: But really, it's the summer we got it back.
Jasper: Excuse the cheese, but love matters, respect matters, and causing pain is never cool.
Pixel: Actually causing pain is about the coolest thing you can do, but cool isn't what it used to be.


  1. You so have to enter NZ's Next Top Cat Model, Zumi. There are no foxy Russian Blue ladycats entered!

  2. oh babsey! thanks for the love! You know being a sexy cat is so hard! xx

  3. Suuuch an amazing first shot, Zumi! You're absolutely gorgeous, no doubt. xx