I can haz cheezburrgerr??

Hi bitches. Sorry been a bit lazy with posting. Been way too busy with shooting lately. I was booked for a major editorial for the next issue of Fashion Catterly Occasions on Friday; then I got asked to shoot a Vodka campaign on Saturday, for which I had no qualms about waking up for the 5am call time. Yes, I was a happy pussy sipping on vodka laced milk that eve.

Weekend was relaxing. caught up with my guurrrls, went hunting for mice in Grey Lynn Park; had a bowl of soy milk at Dizengoff and a gluten free mice muffin; came home and read this amazing book by one of my favourite websites around www.icanhazcheezburger.com

The cat on the front cover is actually an old pic of me when I was a slutty young kitten whoring myself out to all and sundry in the cat fashionz bizz. Those were the dayzzz. Go buy it sluts, and support your fave pussycat in the whole wide worrrld.

kiss kiss.

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