Signature Pose

I just got off the Skype with Johnny poos and he was kind enough to send through some pictures of himself from some of my favourite Dior collections. I noticed he had a signature pose that is tres cutie poos and fierrrcccee. I just love the way he arches his back and points his foot forward. sexual.

Can't wait to see him again when I go to Paris at the end of the month for a Paris Vogue Cat shoot with Lara Stone. Carine's got us on a killing spree eating raw meat and baguettes, having our sexual way with French Tomcats looking like crazy bitch killers running rampant along the Tuileries and the Champs Elysees in my custom made paw Louboutin's. So edgy. So Fashion forward. Now THAT'S food for thought...

 Spring Haute Couture 2006
Fall Haute Couture 2007
 Spring 2008
 Spring 2009
 Fall Haute Couture 2009
 Fall 2010
 Spring Haute Couture 2010
 Resort 2010
Fall 2009

The Dream Team: Lara, Carine, me.

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