"Imagine if they called me China, the little kids at school would go 'there's China the vagina'"

"I thought modeling underwear in a church was a bit sacrilegious, but then I was like nah, who cares!"

"Whatever Lara, I could see your butt jiggle all the way from the back curtain."

Here are just three fierce quotes from Fashion Loaf's newest icon, NZ's Next Top Model's Dakota Biddle. Bitch is crrrazy! Can't wait til she's eliminated so we can hang out and be nasty about fat people and their jiggly butts.
I was reading all about her on the NZNTM website, and found out that her favourite foods are boil up and curry (my faves!), she wants to own 7 businesses by the time she's 27 (same!), and her favourite designer is "Alexandra McQueen". Babes! Loves it!!

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