Woman's Day Herald On Sunday

Cats love to read. I mean, I can't get through my week without my Cat Grazia fix. Here's my girlfriend Eleisha reading the Sunday papers today after a scrumptious brunch at Dizengoff where we sipped on hot chai milk lattes and tucked into some tuna and caviar eggs benedict.

As we were pawing our way through the papers, we decided to analyse todays  front page of the Herald On Sunday, which is totally the new Truth combined with Woman's Day and New Idea.
Here are the amazing stories gracing the front page today:

'Joe Cotton throws a bubbly'- story: Joe Cotton 'flicking' champagne at someone at the movies. Wow. Amazing... NOT...hahahaha meow.

'Keisha: I'm Single'- story: Keisha Castle Hughes breaks up with her partner... um, caring factor: ZERO...hahah meow.

'Sally's Week from Hell'- story: Sally Ridge's house didn't sell for the amount she wanted... Boo hoo...um, like, hey Sally, WHATEVVVEEERRRR... hahaa meow meow.

'Cops called on Brooke Sex Claims'- story: Robin Brooke thinking with his dick... New Zealand's very own Jesse James/Tiger Woods. Sex addicts reprezent...UM, like stop being a slutty poo face Robins...hahahaha meow meow meow. I crack myself up. so hard being a funny hot bitch cat...Eleisha took this shot of me rolling around on the floor laughing like a crazy bitch.

Meow x

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