Raquel Zimmerman xox

yawn. soooooooo bored today. When I have nothing to do, I usually just lie around in my bed all day just thinking how awesome I am. You may have noticed i haven't been really blogging much lately. But I think I've realised that I can just blog whenever i feel like it. Much Like Raquel Zimmerman, one of my mentors. She taught me how to catwalk, apply mascara to my eyelashes, how to work a GHD on my whiskers, how to file and manicure my own claws... I love you Raquel. She doesn't have to do so much work these days. Why? cos she's made. She's gone from being number 1 on models.com, to an entirely new list. The ICONS list. And now she can just pick and choose jobs and spend all day in bed counting her money, much like yours truly, Zumi. xx
"Money in a briefcase, who needs a wallet"- Lil Kim

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