Zumi loves Susan and Susan loves this stuff

Susan's blog Desperately Seeking Style is one of my faves. I like dreaming about living out West, visiting historical places with dreamy dresses on just like she does. It's just so pretty! I asked her to send me through her list of top 10 fabulous things - here it is!

1. I love reading books!

2. I love crystals!

3. I love ponies!

4. I love sleeping!
5. I love vintage photographs!

6. I love Davy Jones!!

7. I love flowers!

8. I love my best friend Kylie!

9. I love getting my hair did!

10. I love love and cuddles!!! xx

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  1. WOW! freaking hell dude.. I LOVE your blog, you do it pretty cool for a new zealander! I love finding other blogs from nz too! Love some of your pictures on here!