New Zealand bloggers need a wake up call

Zumi Reely - the only NZ blogger doing big things internationally right now.

There was a time when a certain cachet came with being a blogger. In 2009 they were making waves everywhere on the Internet. Much was made of the power and influence of the NZ blogger. With the cachet came an attitude. I don't want to use the term self-entitlement, but something along those lines.

"Please take me seriously."

Young bloggers could learn a thing or two from me. I can't claim to be an expert on fashion. Well, yeah I can and I totes will! Looking from the inside, fashion bloggers aren't nailing their quality and production.

We have far too many young bloggers teetering on the edge of narcissistic and pretentious, not knowing which way to jump. And now that we've got Fashion Loaf in the blogosphere, they're competing with product that is razor sharp, on trend and price pointed.

Of the four New Zealand blogs that anyone actually reads, only one has had any real international success, and that's mine. Why? Because I know how to work it without being an fuckwit. I know that turning up to the opening of every fashion envelope cheapens the brand and to never let my face show up in the social pages. I know how to work the (right) media. I don't get caught up in the small stuff. The Zumi Reely brand has real forward thinking strategy and continually pushes the envelope. Those other New Zealand bloggers totally  need a wake up call.