scrotum cats

Sorry I meant Sphynx cats. Yes that's what they're called. The hairless one's from Lady Gaga's video. Look like a size 16 Tegal chicken from Pak n Save. Kinda gross to look at. Almost feels like your eyeballs are being raped. Make the furs on my body stand on end. Yeah, those one's.

I used to date one, his name was Brandon. It felt so unatural, but so good at the same time.

These days Sphynx cats are becoming fashionable. Here's a Sphynx cat with supermodel Valentina on the latest issue of W magazine (Korea). I think the Korean versions of W, Vogue and Numero are waaay hotter than most of their western counterparts. This cover shot is very sexual because it has a cat on the cover, albeit a scrotum-y looking cat.

Scrotum cats better not be taking my crown though. Russian Blue's are forever in demand, and I am werrrking it right now.  meow. x

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