hug a firecracker.

So apparently it's hug a ginger day today. Whilst I would usually not even make eye contact with ginger cats, I made an attempt to hug Percy, my ginger gardener.

Head down, I bashfully sauntered across my wonderfully manicured lawns in my Alexander Wang leopard print mules, stopping to sniff the posies along the way (I was actually just buying time).

My girlfriend Chiquita visiting from Mexico stayed in the house with her embellished sombreros (she's still not used to the cold you see), and took this picture of ginger Percy looking at me coming towards him.

Of course he was afraid. I usually only tell Percy what to do over a loudspeaker from the safety of my house, quickly stepping outside now and then to throw scraps at him, before scampering back inside in whatever shoes featured in Shoe of the Week in the previous Sunday mag.

With a bit of dutch courage ( I slurrped three bowls of tequila with Chiquita before hand), I went out and gave Percy a hug. "It's hug a ginger day Percy" I meowed. Before Percy could reply, I hot footed it back inside, made a bee line for the shower and doused myself in Janola.

Meow. Love you ginger's! (but just for today). xx

Here's a picture of me looking outside, contemplating on whether or not I could go out to see Percy.
So brave. x

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