Another cat has the same jacket as me

Over the years there have been plenty of ZambesiCat pieces I've really wanted and never bought, usually because of the price being high and my income being, like, low. The handknitted cardigan from Winter 2010 was probably the ZambesiCat thing I've wanted the most. So I got it. Holla! I've been wearing it sooooo much lately. Five of the last six days, to be exact, with a really old Katren Walker Menswear hoodie that my flatmate gave to me and Simon Says Jeans that Fabric gave to me. I only smell a little bit, so it's ok. The more-famous-than-me blogger Suzie Stubble (not to be mistaken for Susie Cubble) has been wearing it too, only she styles it a little differently, with a beaut little ribbon. It's the fanciest thing I've ever owned, and it's a constant source of self-validation. I get compliments whenever I leave the house in it. CPW (cost-per-wear) is an important tool for calculating a garment's worth, but CPW (compliments-per-wear) trumps it every time. I LOVE SU......ZIE!

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