This is Zumi Reely, signing off. 
What an amazing experience it's been blogging about my fabulous cat life. It goes to show how blogging has become this thing where everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, on Twitter, or in a magazine. Even a cat.
But the real world awaits, and my life coach is telling me to follow my destiny.
Since talking to my Guru, I have realised blogging is not the answer to fame. The fame is within. So now is the time to explore other areas of my fame, through my lucrative cat modeling contracts and the world of cat shows. Plus blogs are OVAH!!!!
I'm going to leave you with some sexxxual pictures of me from various photo shoots. Feel free to look back on my archives and reminisce about our magical time together - please play the video below while viewing them.
And look out for my yet to be written book 'Memoirs of a cat blogger: Zumi Reely, this is me...then'.
Fashun. Love. Musick. Art.
Zumi Reely