Zumi snob: it's an elitist thing, you wouldn't understand

So most of you know that I'm a really pretentious fashion cat. Here are some other amazing pictures of some inspirationally pretentious inspirations.

Me looking tres haughty poos mincing on The Herald On Sunday

A pretentious waiter, he looks so cool meow.

Queen snobs Miss Anna Wintourino. Me love her mean poo face.

A bitch poodle snob. Her glasses are Prada Spring 2010.

This puta is saying "hay hay! talk to my ass gurlfriend, cos the face aint looking to you."

Obama snob

oooh! this font is sooo pretentious! Zumi like eh de font!
Daph Guiness front row at the Chanelz Couturez. meow

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