World at your paws

Who are you? Zumi Reeley
Occupation? Being a full time fabulous cat
Location? right now? SPQR, Ponsonby Road – Auckland

Your influences past and present? Look, I've said this many times before, a combination of sassy rich black TV girls, and unassuming female characters. Hot bitches like Jem, Mary Cherry from Popular and Lil Kim.

What shoes and clothes are you wearing? I am wearing Karen Walker Sunglasses, Lover dress and Platform clogs from Chanel, bought from a recent trip to Paris to visit Karl

Why have you chosen these shoes + outfit For e.g. Style, Comfort, Fashion? Because its a sexual combination and i'm a sexual cat, so it's a win win situation.

Favourite items or must haves? My diamond encrusted blackberry, a handy bag of catnip for a cat that's always on the go, my MAC kohl eyeliner and MAC nail polish for my claws; and a bottle of evian water.

What was the first pair of shoes you just had to have? My first pair would have had to have been the black Balenciaga wedges from Fall 2007. I asked my dear friend Nicolas to custom make me two pairs (one for each paw) so I could mince around the tuileries and pretend I was late for the cat couture shows. Mary Kate has a lot to answer for.

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