Werrking mothers unite.

I get asked quite a bit about whether or not I'd eventually want to have kittens one day. I guess that's the price I pay for being famous. Everyone wants to know everything about you. I think eventually when I settle down with the right Tomcat I'll want to have kittens, but right now, I'm too in love with my work and myself.

Here's a picture of me early in 2009 with my nephew Wilbert. He's such a little cutie poos. Don't I look maternal yet hot? I'd be such a milf if I was human.
Here are some working mothers who I would probably be like once I have kittens. I empathise with the hard life they must have balancing motherhood and being shrewd business women.
Kimora Lee Simmons. You know you've made it when you've got yourself a Puerto Rican maid, and a re-toucher that can't say no to you and your memo on making your waist look concave. So jeliz.
Melania Trump. When you live in a gold penthouse at the top of Trump tower, there really isn't any reason to venture out into the real world. I bet Melania thinks it's still 1998 outside, and she walks around Trump Tower everyday pushing a 24K gold pram in 24K gold Manolo Blahniks. Amazing.
Victoria Beckham:  I bet Romeo's first words were 'Dolce & Gabbana'. You know Posh has her prioities in place when she's putting her son's Ralph Lauren kidswear order in for next season over making their lunch. Loves it.

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