Covetable Cats

So, like I'm going to start interviewing lots of cats from overseas doing amazing things and cats that i secretly envy, because i need to think of ways in which people can keep reading my blog.

This is Masaki. I covet her and I covet her job. She's extremely covetable. She's an expat NZ sales and PR agent living in Tokyo. Her company, Masaki international inc. is a cat brothel posing as carpet factory by day.
Masaki answers a few of my questions below:

What do you do?
I run a multi-million dollar brothel for cats and I also wholesale carpt made from NZ Wool.

Where are you based?
Tokyo JAPAN. 

What's it like living in Tokyo - is Lost in Translation accurate?
It is great. It's actually really just like Lost in Translation. I eat sushi everyday, and I sing karaoke every night, I dress up like a geisha and I like doing shit like origami and Ikebana although these activities can be murder on my paws.
Favourite part of your job? 

Making lots of Yen and having warm carpet to roll around on. Zumi gurl, you need to leave NZ and come to Tokyo. The Jap cats would covet some of that Russian Blue ass of yours.


meow x

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