Ageless Be-U-Tay

Look at me. Gosh. I'm just so damn good looking , no? amazing bone structure, whiskers for Africa, piercing eyes... I hope that I will look this beautiful forever. It's the amazing thing about being a cat. Ageless be-U-tay. Much like this sensual and sexual woman below:
This is Briscoes lady. She has ageless be-U-tay. over the years she has become a familiar household face, smiling and beaming from the TV and mail catalogues, advertsing and whoring herself out alongside bedding and kitchen utensils. I hope that my career as a cat model will live on forever, much like Briscoes lady. te quiero Briscoes, te quiero. xx


  1. O...
    Her name is Tammy..
    And she wears a wig...

  2. get out!!!! no way jose!!!! noooo!!!!