The world at your pores


Photos: Nonny

Who am I? Zumi Reely

Occupation? Freelance stylist/DJ/Blogger/Muse/Artist/Writer/Model/Hat maker/Designer/PR person/Actress/Singer/Magazine editor/Icon

Location? Fashionloaf head office - Auckland

Your influences past and present? Strong independent black women, Lady Gaga, early J Lo, Andre Leon Talley, FASHION, ART, LOVE.  What shoes and clothes are you wearing? I'm wearing a gorgeous fur in sensual dove grey shade, with my new nail polish in the new 'Brown Bag' shade on my claws, yo! Where did you get them from? The fur is all Zumi, and the nail polish is from M.A.C., the only makeup I'll allow near me. Why have you chosen these shoes + outfit For e.g. Style, Comfort, Fashion? I'm all about austere Amish chic at the moment, and I feel that my sensual dove grey colour references that while still being totally sexual. I ALWAYS go for style over comfort; fashion is PAIN bitches!! Favourite items or must haves? Fashion, art, love. What was the first pair of shoes you just had to have? I don't like to look back, I live in the now. And in the now, I just have to have the Noritaka Tatehana's 'Night Makers' with a 13cm platform and 27cm invisible heel, just like my girl Lady Gaga.

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