Susie Cubble's Weekly Style Poo Poos

1. Kimberly Crossman's style advice on www.kimberleycrossman.com
A picture of Kimberley.

2. Hunter from Shortland Street's menswear label SNAG- Sensitive New Age Guy (No really.)
 Hunter in a SNAG T-shirt. Amazing.

3. Bondi Buns. Makes another entry this week. Starting to hurt my feline eyes when every girl in Auckland has a Bondi Bun. meow.

4. Keffiyeh scarves.
Why won't you go away. Please just go away. This douche is saying:
" I dunno-ah-why but I like-ah this scarf. You ask me why I wear this-ah scarf eh? You talkin to me? I dunno-ah why ah, bada bing bada boom. That's-ah why."

5. Embellished mesh slippers.
Look at you with your variety of colours and ease of slipping into. You make my life shitty.

1 comment:

  1. Those mesh slippers only get worse over time, especially the white ones. They were obviously only meant to wear around the house, but no! People wear these bad boys outside, without socks. They get dirty and the tiny mesh holes only get bigger and bigger. One needs not worry about toe cleavage when the straps have fallen off and the toes are flying around free and fancifully.