Pandora bonfire

Hi everyone. This is me looking really sorta half annoyed and half angry. It's certainly getting colder that's for sure. Look, when I said I wanted free stuff I meant I wanted free good stuff, i.e: designer dresses in my size; designer shoes for my paws; free GHD's for my fur; MAC nail polish for my claws - you know, actual cool stuff, hello?

So what the f*** am I meant to do when someone, out of the goodness of their heart, sends me a cat charm and a Pandora bracelet?

a) Vomit
b) Vomit and shit simultaneously
c) scratch myself
d) drink a whole saucer of vodka laced milk
e) all of the above?

If you picked option e, you are a true Zumi lover. You know, Pandora bracelets just aint my thang.

I thought I made myself clear, I'm a cat with impeccably good taste, and when you send me shit like a Pandora charm and a Pandora bracelet, I'm going to lose my shit.

here is the offensive charm in question:
and here is the bracelet:

Look, it's called Fashion Loaf for a reason. 

Don't nobody try pull this sort of shit with Zumi again, ya hearr? I'm going to help the world out and ask anyone that wants to be rid of these hideous bracelets to please email me swiftly, so I can organise a mass bonfire in my back yard of Pandora bracelets. The world of fashion relies on you to do the right thing. meow x.

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