The New Sh-IT girls

Here's a bunch of Auckland's next wave of Sh-IT cats. I for one am in a whole completely different realm. I'm Zumi, Queen IT Cat About Town with a growing empire. However, there's a few bitches trying to take my crown, and I aint lettin' that go down... here are four fame whores vying to take my spot as Auckland's reigning fashion cat extraordinaire. All I say is bitches better come correct cos they're dealing with Zumi Reely.

Alison: Ambition is to either own her own spray tan salon or work for TVNZ.

Dominique: An heiress to a Kitty Litter business, she's working as a freelance make-up artist, but wants to work for TVNZ.

Selena: Is working as a pole dancing cat, but wants to edit a top fashion magazine. or get into PR. or work for TVNZ.

Talia: Is a freelance hairdresser and style consultant at PaganiCat. She wants to have her own line of cat hair straightners or maybe work for TVNZ.


  1. Maybe you and I could hook up, and we could rule Auckland together - Russian Blues rule!

  2. so amazing .......maybe i need a job at TVNZ

  3. Honey we all need a job at TVNZ! I can wear my thin lizzy make up and wear sexual outfits that show a bit of tail cleavage! those Tomcats would love that. x