I totally feel asleep the whole day and just woke up! Jet lagged from a week of travelling, hello!? Zumi needs her beau-tay sleeps... purrr.

Anyways, just wanted to wish all the mother's out there a happy mother's day. Hope it was sexual for you all! here is a picture of two Mama's dear to me... Above is Mama Aliona (editor-in-chief, Vogue Russia) on the launch cover for Black Square magazine;

and below that is my mama, Pumi Reely! She's living it up with my stepdad (kitty litter tycoon) in Florida at the moment having the time of her life. Here's her look of disgust which I inherit from her. Love you Mama Pumi!

Here are some pictures of some equally amazing mothers who's maternal grace and contribution to the world is amazing.
Mama Dina Lohan! She has worked tirelessly to whore her two daughters out into showbiz so she can pay her hairdresser to maintain her Californian blonde mane. She has now successfully got the two most skankiest daughters in the world. amazing. Just hide the knives from Lindsay Mama Dina!
Here is the super talented Jordan aka Katie Price with her wonderfully named daughter Princess Tiamii signing a new range of cosmetics aimed at toddlers. It's just so amazing that mothers can now use foundation to cover up unsightly baby rash and blush to hide the onset of jaundice. Jordan is now working on a line of make-up for baby foetuses ! groundbreaking.

Mama Kris Kardashian! she looks amazing for her age, and good on her for marrying well and ensuring her three gorgeous airbrushed kebab daughters went on to run a clothing boutique selling upmarket fashions for equally slutty kebabs. Her daughters went on to make sex tapes with black guys wearing slutty dresses from their upmarket boutique too. Hey it's all about cross promotional activities these days! kudos Kardashians! meow x

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