Hair Choreography

I'm currently fine tuning my long awaited video for my new single 'Sweet dreams of a single cats ego', but feel like i needed to work on my choreography. Hair choreography to be precise. I'm actually really thinking about getting some dove grey fur extensions so I can look all sexual everywhere I go with the wind blowing through my fur. Don't you just wish you had a wind machine that followed you around everywhere?

Check out this video of Beyonce at the Grammy Awards this year. They should have given her an award for best hair choreography, cos that shit was keeerazzzy. It's as if she was really trying to say "that's right fools, this weave aint going no where, even if I spin my head around like a crazy bitch. This top of the range Indian hair is glued, tied and permanent!! Holla!! check it out at 2.43 sec... Hair Choreography in full throttle. Drag queens everywhere would've creamed their jeans over this shit.

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