Get out of my front row

Look, I might have to scratch some faces up if I see any of the above in the front row at NZ Fashion Week in September. Hey designers: why don't you find some new celebs to plant in your front row? I'm, like, sooooooooo sick of seeing Keisha in borrowed samples, Petra and her mum in Helen Cherry/Kate Sylvester/Workshop/Trelise Cooper, Samantha Hayes looking all sexual and threatening to my self-esteem, and Boh Runga, well, fucking everywhere! Massive cat YAWN!!!!!! There are so many other ladies out there that are deserving of all your free shit AND are a fresh face. If I was a hip PR person repping a hip fashion label this fashion week, THIS is who I would make them put in their front row. PRs and designers, feel free to take notes. Meow meow xx
Auntie Mabel (second from the right) and the rest of the Aunties from Maori TV's Ask Your Auntie (RIP): Hot, helpful, strong and independent women - THAT'S what I call a front row!
Rose Matafeo: I saw this chick in the Viva yesterday and knew she was a fierce bitch when I read this: "Ugly clothing has always been made, so just because someone may have hiked the price and called it vintage doesn't necessarily mean it's going to look great." SOOOO TRUE! Get this girl a fashion column and in the front row!!!

Anika Moa: Because she could keep the important media person sitting next to her entertained and would probably turn up in bare feet; I totez love her 'I don't give a fuck' attitude to fashun.

Carolyn Robinson: Everyone gushes over Samantha Hayes and David Farrier from TV3. Yawn! I much prefer Carolyn Robinson (in the polka dots). Haughty babe!! She would be seated next to her news reading partner in crime, the sexual Alistair Wilkinson.

Te Aho Eketone-Whitu from Boy: My amazing PR senses are telling me to get your fashion hands on this kid now before some other fashion brand does. Tres adorable!!!!

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