Emo friends.

Do you guys have shitty emo's for friends? I try not to surround myself with too much negativity, but here's a picture of my shitty emo friend Ramona, totally a left over friendship from when we were in kitten kindy together.

Ever the pessimistic, she knows how to kill the mood with her erratic ADHD behaviour. Sorry Ramona, If you're reading this, you saw It coming.

Anyways, now that I'm a hot sexy fame whoring cat with a music video, book, reality TV show and a lucrative cat modelling career underway, it's time to cull the emo dead weight. What better way to do this than on Fashionloaf! Goodbye Ramona. Totally don't need your shit right now. meow. x

Here are some pictures of other annoying emo's that I would like to purge from my cat brain:

Claire Danes in My So Called Life.

Jared Leto.

Estelle from The Golden Girls.

Holly Smith and Rodney Wayne.
(Totally found a million emo pics of Holly, but this one made me shriek)
meow meow. xx

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