Zumi's big day out

I had such a busy day doing nothing yesterday. Here's how it went down: a cardboard box, Katren Walker, a cafe with a famous friend, a tree, an art gallery, home.

I chronicled my interesting day of doing nothing, to share with you. First stop, a cardboard box.

This is me in a cardboard box.

Then we decided to mince our way down Ponsonby Road, stopping into Katren Walker's boutique on the way. Here's my friend Whitney mincing past the ZambesiCat store. I bought an overpriced Jo Malone candle from The Dairy; I like how they combine fashion with other things, like candles.

Then my celebrity friend Sammy came and met up with us at my favourite cafe for a bit. This is her doing her best coy and flirtatious sexy pose. Cutie!!

Then we had half an hour to kill so we decided to climb some trees. This is me, in a tree. Don't I look fierce?

After that we went to the art gallery; this piece is just incredible, I love how the artist uses the cat's fur to examine society's fear of aging, and the eyes just say so much without saying anything at all.

Then I came home and read a few books from my Penguin Classics book library, had a chai milk, gluten free catnip and lit my new Jo Malone candle.

I think you'll agree with me when I say that it was a great day.

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