The Z-List: Are you on it?

My friend Deeny ripping up and eating Rachel Glucina's Spy pages

Sick of seeing D-list celebrities in the social pages each week and wonder why the fuck they are always photographed? I've taken action and compiled a list of New Zealand faces who really matter. I've judged it on a myriad of criteria, which I can't really be bothered sharing with you. Here are the most fascinating faces in New Zealand. That's how Zumi sees it!!!!

1. Nay Nay from SPQR
2. Vince Martin from the Beaurepaires ads
3. Margaret on K Road
4. Gerald from Shortland Street
5. The human statue guy on Queen Street
6. Oliver Driver's dog
7. Thingee
8. Shane Cortese's spray tanner
9. Annie Crummer
10. The bouncer that kicked Matthew Ridge out of Racket's female toilet on Thursday night.

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