What happened to Vitamin C. ?

I found this picture of me when I was totally the most popular cat in high school looking like a diva. Don't I look authoritarian? that's because I was a school prefect amongst other things. I remember those days when I'd hang out with my fellow classmates and we'd compare the sizes of our Country Road bags, the puffiness of our Kathmandu puff jackets, the authenticity of our button down Oxford shirts from Ralph Lauren, tying pink Narcissco Rodriguez ribbons in our furs, as we sauntered around Newmarket slurping on our Tank Juices and getting driven around by our mums in their BMW's or 4 Wheel Drives...those were the days.

It got me thinking about life at school and how carefree and easy it was to be then. Did I ever think I'd turn out to be this amazingly gorgeous model/muse/dj/artist/poet/blogger? I've achieved so much for a cat.

I've posted my favourite private school girl Ja'mie King's first day at Summer Heights High, how daunting! as well as the video for Graduation by Vitamin C. You know, that song that came out circa 1999 and every sorority whore and frat boy creamed their jeans over. Why? well, cos they're American.
Anyways, what were you guys like at school? meow meow. x

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