Susie Cubble's Top 5 Weekly Style Poo Poo's

For the week ending 25.04.2010

Me and my BFF, stylist Susie Cubble (above) , who is writing the weekly Style Poo Poos for Fashionloaf, stumbled across the Longroom bar, (114 Ponsonby Road, Auckland, New Zealand) for a drink, but our eyeballs got raped by the many style violations witnessed. Susie decided to do a Longroom Style Poo Poo special. Love ya Susie. meow. xx

1. Sluts in Supre minge base dresses at The Longroom
2. Striped shirted Lynx wearing Jersey shore rapists/planks of wood at The Longroom
3. Stupid fat doormen/planks of wood at The Longroom
4. Slutty, dried up old cougars smelling like Holiday Menthols, Impulse and Chardonnay wearing Supre minge base dresses at The Longroom
5. Adam Parore, Brent Todd, Marc Ellis, Matthew Ridge douche bag sandwich at The Longroom. Wearing Lynx Java.
This is a picture of me after my eyeballs were raped at The Longroom.



  1. captured long room in spectacular fashion... particularly re. the cougars! Well impressed!

  2. this is the funniest hahahahahahahaha

  3. longroom is the epicentre for douchery.