"Only him can get me irie irie ireee..."

So you guys may already know about my love for NZ male model Michael Whittakker (I like spelling it with two k's as it lingers in my mouth longer). Here I am absolutely exhausted after mantling a shrine in his honour (which i'll take pictures of very soon for you!)...

 I started thinking about how amazing it would be to write him a song, but then I was way too tired, so I re-worded Diane King's worldwide smash hit "Shy Guy", dedicating this to the one and only, Michael Whittakker. I've been meowing this all morning now.

"Oh Michael have mercy mercy mercy
Di man Michael in a di party party party
Di ole a Michael look sexy sexy sexy
Watch Michael just a follow me follow me follow me
Have mercy mercy mercy
But none a dem no move me move me move me
Shy guy a Michael me wanty wanty wanty
Only him can make me irie irie irie."

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