Inject me

That's me in the pic above getting my botox injections done. I felt a bit delirious afterwards, and I started having these nightmares about hospitals and injections and then Shortland Street came to mind. These confusing questions were running in my head post botox session:

1. What happened to Kirsty and Gina?
2. Why have I never seen Chris Warner about town? He's been on that show since 1992. That's 18 years playing a doctor. Is he actually Chris Warner?
3. Has Li Mei been the only Asian ever on Shortland Street?
4. Why are all the ambulance drivers always brown?

My head hurts now. meow.


  1. Chris Warner likes to dine at SPQR with the rest of the crew.

  2. OMG! for real? he actually does exsist? amazing.