I Love New York

Here's a shot of me (on the left) last week at a casting call for Farmers. They were looking for cats that were 'regal and aristocratic'. Naturally, I went along. However when I got there, this bitch Sandra was there too. Sandra is at every casting I go to, and I swear she's trying to be me. I'm totally giving her the evils in this shot. The casting directors asked me to play with a piece of string they threw in front of me. I looked away in disgust that I was even in the same room as Sandra.
If you're reading this Sandra, you best be watching your back bitch. Next time I see you trying to out do me at the next casting, I'm going to get all Tiffany Pollard on your fake furry ass and spit in your face like she did to Pumpkin in Season Two of Flava of Love . Better come correct Sandy...

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