Dear designers

This is just a quick a note for all of my fashion designer readers.
Feel totally free to send me gifts! I will take photos of myself wearing anything you send - clothes, headbands, jewellery, bras, anything - and put it up on my blog. It's a totally amazing way for you to get your brand out there to all my normal pleb readers, plus I look faaaaaaabulous in absolutely everything!!
I am a NZ size 6 (US size 0) , or XS, and right now I am really into lace, military, maroon, blazers, knitwear, statement jewellery and I would love a pair of Beau Coops.
If you would like to gift me something, email me on fashionloaf@gmail.com and I will let you know my courier address. Meow meow!!!!
Love Zumi

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