Day off!

I haven't had a day off in ages. Here I am rolling around like a total slut on my girl friends plush new carpet. Feeling relaxed after an equally relaxing day! here's what I did:

1. Woke up at 2pm ( daylight savings, amazinnnngg)
2. Finished my bag of creme eggs and washed it down with some milk
3. Went hunting in the garden with my girl friends, where we picked wild flowers and decorated my newly installed shrine to Michael Whittakker (NZ male model)
4. Got a claw pedicure and manicure
5. Cleaned out my kitty litter box with San Pellegrino and sprayed it with Chanel No. 5
6. Watched the rest of my The O.C box set
7. Googled pictures of myself

On top of that, my blog got a mention on page 55 of the Herald On Sunday! love you guys.meow. xx

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